Bug #7889

Media taken with IC cam produces data-rubbish, no exporting and uploading

Added by Paladini over 1 year ago.

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How can the internal, InformaCam be used for taking pictures and videos and store all data on external sdcard unencrypted (/extSdCard) on SGS4? Internal has no space for videos. Currently there is no way to do this and verify the media from the encrypted database. The export aborts, sometimes it dumps unplayable data rubbish. How to solve this?

For most people it is more important to have proof, even unencrypted than thinking so and having data rubbish in the end. This is far worse! Any ideas on this? A short setup-dialog which selects the correct options in combination and verifies the working "conduit" at first and evg. regularily. End-to-end in proof mode, maybe?

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