Bug #7297

EXTRA_PROXY_PORT* Strings do not fit the intents extras' bundle keys

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I wanted to build orbot support into my app and I stumbled over some problems (Im using version 1.2.1 of NetCipher).
I copied the contents of the sample activities torStatusReceiver over to my application and tried to gather orbots proxy ports.
Strangely I got nothing (The extra bundle of the intent that Orbot sends after OrbotHelper.requestStartTor do not contain the keys ProxyHelper.EXTRA_PROXY_PORT_HTTP ("android.intent.extra.PROXY_PORT_HTTP") but the key "org.torproject.android.intent.extra.HTTP_PROXY_PORT". Same for ProxyHelper.EXTRA_PROXY_PORT_SOCKS ("android.intent.extra.PROXY_PORT_SOCKS") which should be "org.torproject.android.intent.extra.SOCKS_PROXY_PORT".

I solved this in my app by manually creating static strings with the correct values.

Can you please fix this either in Orbot or in NetCipher?

Also: Could you update the sample project and show how to proxy a webview? Your github readme states that that should be easy, but I cannot figure out how :)


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This is fixed and can be closed.

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