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Torrc file could not be verified and Tor would not start

Added by Anonymous almost 2 years ago.

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Tor would not start. The VPN key came on. Notification said Torrc file could not be verified and Tor would not start. It would attempt a start, then would stop showing the grey screen.

I was using Tor proxy to contact the WIFI and I specified the last number for the connection I.e. with static setting. Why? Because there was another WiFi nearby that mimicked my WiFi. When I connected to the WIFI it kept disconnecting and the last number changed until my Android phone connected to the false WiFi - that has the same name and other properties apparently, as my wifi. I also used Android apps - "Wifi Max" "Fing" "Wifi Watch".

I uninstalled Orbot then installed again from Google Play Store. Now it's working well again.

Thanks for Orbit. This version works very well. The VPN and being able to specify the country easily by tapping is handy.

I don't have Superuser status and I'm wondering how to make a backup copy of Torrc.

I use Tor because I am forever having hackers "do stuff" with my phone or computer.

Also in Indonesia and now in Australia I am pretty sure ordinary citizens have "Stinger" like devices - I think they go up to Guang Zhou and buy them there.

E.g. I had a small Acer Netbook. I took out (removed it using a screwdriver)the WIFI chip - the chip had a Main wifi radio and two auxiliary radios. RFKILL had trouble turning it off. So I did Not have any wireless Internet or LAN - no connection. A woman sat down about 1.5 metres from me with what looked like a 6 or 7 inch placket and the Puppy Linux I was using showed all my folders were gradually being accessed. The icons change once accessed.

This phone is a Sony Xperia Z Ultra Android 5.1.1.

Orbit doesn't have Whisperback or system dump when there is a fault - so I've written this story. Thanks for Orbot.

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