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Security Enhancements

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#1 Updated by Stabledoesntmeanbuggy almost 2 years ago

By Default Orfox doesn't clear cache and cookies and store them, wtf?!
This is pratically android firefox app able to connect through tor without using proxy settings.
And just like firefox app one if don't want to store cache and cookies have to delete them or allow "Clear Data" option on exit.
Needless to say, the real and good Tor Browser by torproject.org enable private browsing by default.
Sure one could use private browsing manually, but a) why the hell on earth one should do? b) everyone think the browser is enhanced for security so they can use it, and don't mind to check if cookies&cache are stored!(it is implied it isn't)

I hope to see this browser whit better support in future, it is a really good project but the guardian seems to be just a namesake of the newspaper and of tor project....
Have a good work

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