Bug #6647

Messages of group chat users (multi-user chat) of some android clients can't be visible by other clients

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Users A,B,C,D joined to group chat on conf.x.y. All of them use android chatsecure clients and connected to one this server x.y(Prosody in my case).
Users A and B send messages to the group chat. All users(A,B,C,D) see these messages. But if user C or D send message to chat, no one other user don't see these messages but sender. Clients of C and D users rejoin to server under new registered users, but this bug is still was reproduced. Thus this issue is a client bug.
Some another xmpp clients (e.g. Jitsi) receive messages of these "wrong" clients as private messages of multi-user chat (e.g. "User C from "), but I think that private messages are not supported by ChatSecure.


#1 Updated by gmoretti almost 2 years ago

Same behaviour has been observed for Openfire; The client seems to send a response to the JID of the last recieved message, not to the conference JID.

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