Bug #6590

OrFox White Screen instead of Webpage

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Status:NewStart date:01/30/2016
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Target version:Orfox RC
Component:Webpage Container


Hi, I'm trying to use Orfox on the Sony Xperia Z5 and whenever it loads any webpage, the section of the screen that would contain the page is just plain white, like it's not loading the renderer or something. In the tab preview the page shows up correctly, so I can only assume the container for the webpage onscreen is not working. Not really sure what I can do about it, from Tab Preview I can see that Tor is running properly for the browser on the Checker Page.

Issue Summary - Webpage Container Does Not Load

Phone - Sony Xperia Z5
OS - Android 5.1.1 (Not Rooted)
OrBot Ver - 15.1.0-RC-4 (Tor
OrBot Src - fDroid
OrFox Ver - Fennec-38.1.0esr/TorBrowser-5.0/Orfox-1.0beta1
OrFox Src - fDroid


#1 Updated by n8fr8 over 1 year ago

  • Target version changed from Orfox Beta 1 to Orfox RC

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