Bug #6523

"Yes, accept all" doesn't seem to take effect

Added by windingluggage almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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A contact sent me a file, I answered "Yes, accept all." but the transfer failed, maybe because of a timeout. They resent, I accepted, it transferred. I again used accept all. Later a second file was sent and this failed, from a timeout (didn't see message when it was sent). However, I expected my previous accept all option to apply here, i.e., that I accept all files from this contact (potentially for this session, but I'd prefer permanently. Configurable is better).

This is a problem as contacts may send files whenever the receiving party is not available to see them. The transfer will then time out. By allowing auto-acceptance, the file can be transferred without user intervention.

A related feature request: the ability to accept all files from all users in settings

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