Bug #6405

Can't login to Disqus

Added by n8fr8 about 2 years ago.

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I have installed both orbot and orfox. I have never used noscript before,but am familiar with what it does,and can bring up the list of domains that can be white listed. I was able to white list Breitbartnews.com and Disqus.com and other Disqus related sites. And so can read all the comments,but can not seem to find a way to open the commenting box,or log into Disqus. I could click on a users profile to open that page, and was able from there to click login and finally open the page,but it failed,even after white listing all available options for login page. Any help would be appreciated. I did experiment with white listing everything except obvious ad,or tracking that I was familiar with,and then even OK ed those in hopes of actually using Disqus on that site.

PS. I disabled noscript and installed ublock origin. I am having the same trouble trying to log into Disqus. It is now apparent to me that when I click login,it opens in a new private browsing tab instead of the default browsing that the original site is on. I cleared cache and data,checked my settings all over again,and same problem persist. I have been using Firefox on Android for quite some time now,and don't think I have missed anything in settings. I normally run Https everywhere,ublock origin,and Self Destructing Cookies on the stock Firefox browser.

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