Bug #5832

unblocking js: explain to users the risks involved

Added by axel over 2 years ago.

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Enabling javascript means that sites can track you.
However, js is also extremely widespread and lots of site won't work well/at all without any js.
As such, many users will be tempted to enable js to see the whole site.

As per an IRC discussion with _hc, I suggest adding a small popup/explanation if a user attempts to enable, explaining how js makes tracking possible, to help people make an informed choice when considering enabling js or not.

Gist of _hc's explanation on IRC:
javascript can generate and report unique IDs based on the browser setup
anyone who can see what the javascript does can track you
if that info is transmitted in plain text, then lots of others can see it
also, anyone with whom that site is sharing data with, like analytics services, etc., can track you
and once you are tracked, you have basically no control over where that info goes
hence, javascript is disabled by default

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