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File transfers not working - ejabberd / chatsecure. Conversations siacs works though

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I have been running an ejabberd server for a few years now and configured proxy65 on port 7777 for file transfers. This mechanism is working fine with the Android Conversations client, I can actually see the file transfers coming in (tcpdump -i eth0 port 7777).

But using ChatSecure (for Android) image transfer does not work. Images (for instance) do not arrive at the destination, and no traffic is recorded on port 7777 on the server.

I was under the impression that ChatSecure support socks byte streams? (XEP-0065) Is there anything I can do? It would be great to be able to distribute ChatSecure among my users.

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#1 Updated by hans over 2 years ago

In ChatSecure, we focused on OTRDATA for file transfers. That provides the most privacy of any file transfer technique that we've seen, but unfortunately, it is only supported in ChatSecure right now. We are working on getting it fully implemented in https://github.com/otr4j/otr4j, then Conversations, Xabber, and Jitsi can easily support it also.

As for other file transfer techniques, we are open to including support for them, but don't have the resources to take that project on ourselves.

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