Bug #5573

“Your keystore is corrupted”

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Target version:v14.2.1



Out of the blue, I tot this message this morning following a ChatSecure crash:

Your keystore is corrupted.
Please re-install ChatSecure or 'clear all data' for the app

Trying to enter any current conversation crashes ChatSecure.
Trying to a new conversation crashes ChatSecure.

This is pretty bad, especially considering that, as a user, I don't feel I've “done anything” to deserve this, if you know what I mean :)

Re-installing or clearing ChatSecure's data means I'll lose any information stored in the local history, including pictures which may only exist in this history (as they haven't been exported to the external (insecure by default) SD card).

I'm in a situation where I can afford to lose that data, but others may not be, and on the field, this could prove to be a very nasty bug for certain people.

I'm happy to provide logs to help solve this.
I'm running ChatSecure 14.2.0, installed via F-droid + Guardian Project repo, on Android 5.0.2 (rooted).




#1 Updated by axel over 2 years ago

I'd just like to update this bug to say that, “unfortunately”, the problem disappeared without any action that I could link it to.
No update of ChatSecure, no update of Android. Other apps were updated, via f-droid, but that's it

About 10 days later, I was able to reopen ChatSecure without the dreaded “Your keystore is corrupted” message.

Sorry for the lack of useful info on this, I'd be happy to help in another way if I can.



#2 Updated by axel about 2 years ago

Can this issue be assigned to me so I can close and/or closed by someone on the team?


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