Bug #5306

list of happy/sad face emoticons changes order on each usage.

Added by Anonymous over 2 years ago.

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ChatSecure on Nexus 9
Android 5.0.2
version 14.1.1-RC-5

When using ChatSecure, and in a conversation with someone with the on-screen keyboard, when clicking the "face" icon to bring up the happy/sad face emoticons,
the order of the displayed emoticons can change. Causing user to select the wrong icon.

This will either slow the conversation as the user must backspace, and reselect, OR (worse) sends the wrong emoticon significantly changing meaning of the conversation.

For people trying to type fast, the changing position of the emoticons is a significant issue, as it can cause significant changes in the sense of a conversation.

Consider..... "That was great :-)" vs "That was great :-(" same text, but the emoticon changes the meaning. This is can be a very serious issue.

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