Bug #5167

Seemingly ignoring subscription requests until login

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Status:NewStart date:05/17/2015
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Target version:v15 - AWESOME APP


I was recently attempting to set up an XMPP account on ChatSecure. I tried to do a mutual status subscription between my laptop account (a different account from a different provider, using Pidgin) and the ChatSecure account. I could send messages and do OTR negotiation fine, and my phone account was subscribed to my laptop account. However, it seemed that ChatSecure all subscription requests - I tried re-requesting from Pidgin a number of times.

Finally, I disabled Tor, signed out of the phone account, and signed back in. ChatSecure immediately received the subscription request. I doubt Tor was the problem, as messages going both ways seemed to be working

I'm on Android 5 and the current version of ChatSecure 14.1.1 (the current version in Google Play).

Thanks for your time and effort.


#1 Updated by n8fr8 over 2 years ago

  • Target version set to v14.2 bug fix update!

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  • Target version changed from v14.2 bug fix update! to v15 - AWESOME APP

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