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Open Answer With User Evaluation for Verification

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Hello there,

We're a bunch of activists who are switching to ChatSecure as we trust it more than our previous medium.

We'd like to request a feature, please.

To allow sending a verification question with an option to set it as an open answer.

For example,

I want to send my friend a question about something, he'll reply with his answer, and the answer will be shown to me to accept it as proof that it's him, or refuse it.

That will be MUCH more practical than the current implementation of "expected answer"; as that eliminates understanding bias, spelling bias, and ambiguity.
I may ask my friend what we ate last week, but he may reply with "Burgers", when my expected answer was set to "McDonald's", thus he would be AUTO rejected as unverified.
With an open evaluation, this won't be a problem. I can evaluate the answer and accept either of them if they fit the expected "theme of the answer".

Also, this will allow us to send much harder questions for a MITM/impersonator/hacker to research, since the answer can be much longer and subject to sender's evaluation (read: sender of the question. i.e. receiver of the answer)



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