Bug #4795

Need to indicate when a Feed is still processing in the Side Menu and on the Feed screen

Added by LizGrauel almost 3 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:03/24/2015
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Build 0.1.6
MotoX 4.4.4

1. Launch app and navigate to Feed
2. Tap menu button and select Manage Feeds
3. Enter a new feed and navigate back to Feeds page

Current Behavior: The newly added feed is added to the Side Menu as a normal list item even if it has not finished processing. Navigating to the processing feed's Feed page prompts the user to refresh page to view content.

Behavior Needed: Either we should not add feeds to the Side Menu until they have fully processed or there should be indication of the processing so users know it is not ready.

This behavior needs to also be updated for feeds that are entered that can't be loaded.

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