Bug #4561

Transparent Proxying of Chrome does not work (properly) on Lollipop

Added by Anonymous almost 3 years ago.

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I am using Orbot 14.1.4 on Android 5.0.2 (CyanogenMod Nightly) and i found my main usage pattern beeing broken since i've moved to Lollipop:

My Orbot is configured to transparently proxy Chrome but nothing else and as far as i can tell from my limited network debugging skills at least DNS is not beeing properly proxied via Tor. This used to work very well with Android 4.4.x.

Ive tested a bit and when i choose to "proxy all traffic for all apps" the DNS is proxied via Tor as it should. Unfortunately this configuration terribly slows down the device so it's rather unusable.

For now i had to move to Orweb which does a perfect job when it comes to privacy but it'd love to get back a working transparent proxing of Chrome. Thanks for your efforts!

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