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change the user agent to a mobile one.

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This have several sides to it, so here you go (please keep in mind English is not my native language, and I tested OrFox on tons of popular websites):

1) Websites who have a mobile version will not serve the mobile version, it will serve the desktop version, this alone has 2 (main) issues:

a. the desktop version will serve the flash version of videos and give the warning that a plugin is needed. instead of serving the mobile version and serving the html5 player. main website tested: xvideos.com (please don't judge me).

b. browsing the desktop verison on a mobile device is painful.

2) Many websites have detected that the device used is a mobile device and not a desktop. Evidenced by the websites werving the mobile version and not the desktop one.

Given the above (main) reasons, the user agent of OrFox should be changed to an android one.

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submodule update: Bug #3819 - Change the user agent to a mobile one. Attempt to fix versioning stuff


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I am actually finding myself agreeing with this (and Georg's opinion) more and more. I am finding myself annoyed at getting desktop sites.

I think we should switch back to the default Firefox for Android user-agent, and switch back to the "request desktop site" function.

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