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orbot conflicts with com.android.systemui & now HANGS WiFi on Android 4.4.2 Samsung GS4

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It has to be said that previous v14.0.1 "release" was a TURD.

V14.0.4 & now v14.0.4.1 releases now mutually hang orbot & Android WiFi whenever WiFi is enabled. Rebooting Android 4.4.2, with WiFi & orbot new14.0.4/ enabled hangs WiFi, orbot & com.android.systemui - requiring a battery pull or long powerbutton hold reboot. Then, you have to rush into Android Settings, disable WiFi and reboot again, before orbot screws everything up. How much longer do we need to keep com.sec.msc.nts.android.proxy & Samsung AllShare disabled for wild-guess conflicts w/ orbot?

Why are new orbot features being added, when core app functionality has not yet been restored to Android 4.4.2 & 4.4.3? Please fix this problem, running since April 2014, first. Please!

orbot 14.0.4 & continue to work OK w/ WiFi-only Samsung Android 4.1.2 (Galaxy Tab 3).

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Copied from Orbot - Bug #3527: orbot conflicts with com.android.systemui & now ... Resolved 06/20/2014


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We've just released Orbot v14.0.8.1 which includes a major update to the core Tor binary: https://guardianproject.info/releases/Orbot-v14.0.8.1.apk

We cannot reproduce any of the symptoms or crashes you are reporting on any device, and we test a very wide variety.

We hope our latest fixes have addressed the problems you are having, and if not, please provide more detail if you can.

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