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ship -fPIE executables to support Android5/L

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Apparently, the upcoming Android5/L is going to require that -fPIE is set on all native builds of executables, or they won't be able to run. The pisser is that executables compiled with -fPIE will not run on platforms older than Android 4.1 (android-16). From android-ndk-r9d/docs/APPLICATION-MK.html:


Starting from Jelly Bean (4.1), Android's dynamic linker supports position-independent executables (PIE), which are built with -fPIE. This flag makes it harder to exploit memory corruption bugs by randomization the location of the code. By default, ndk-build will automatically set this value to 'true' if your project targets android-16 or higher. You may set it manually to either 'true' or 'false'.

IMPORTANT: PIE executables cannot run on Android releases prior to 4.1.

Note that this only applies to executables. It has no effect when building shared or static libraries.

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