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Hi. I updated orbot within past 48 hours. I just launched it and then used the Check Browser (globe) button. This launched orweb and I received the expected "Congratulations..." message and my IP address. BUT, for the first time in my experience, this text appears in Yellow. Beneath the IP address is another message, Yellow text in a "grey" box stating: "However, it does not appear to be the Tor Browser Bundle. [Click here to go to the download page] Note: portion of text within brackets is a link - but I added the brackets.
I'm using Galaxy S4, Android Ver 4.4.2,

Is this an issue I need to be concerned with? Performance appears to be fine... just not happy my message isn't "good to go" green.

Thank you very much for your efforts!


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Nothing to be concerned about. Tor modified their page to check if the browser viewing it has the EXACT user-agent string that matches Tor Browser on the desktop. Since Orweb has a slightly different string, then it shows this message.

Orweb+Orbot is as good as it can be for now, but it isn't exactly the same as Tor Browser on a desktop, and that is what the page is saying.

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