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Can't secure connection - Cleartext shows in ChatSecure, cyrptext shows in gchat...

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I'm trying to connect between two Chat Secure clients on Androids - Moto X at Android 4.4.4 and a Samsung Galaxy 4. We are using the most recent ChatSecure in the Google store as of this weekend.

We are using two gchat accounts. We can send cleartext using ChatSecure, but when we go to secure it, the encrypted init messages are sent (because I can see them in gchat) but the connection never secures. Spinning wheel of doom.

Any ideas?



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Please try our latest beta, as it addresses a number of issues related to encryption init:


#2 Updated by jinboston over 3 years ago

Thanks! Will give it a try and let you know.


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Okay, so I was able to get encryption going with the beta, but a host of other issues popped up.

I can file a slew of other feedback, but I need to understand the design philosophy more... how much do you want people to use encryption, and be sure they are using it?

Are you coding constrained (as in you know the list of features you want, but are constrained by coding resources) or do you need more feedback on issues?


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