Bug #3617

Bearing Value on dashboard

Added by MaTzaWit over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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This recent submission shows negative value for bearing https://j3m.info/submission/23b0df9ccecf8c0c4c2f35e8c215187b/

Compare to this one taken the same day https://j3m.info/submission/33946011efcc551926f408ab1630a832/

looking at j3m, the second one contains only "bearingDegrees" data, while the first one contains both "bearingDegrees" and "gps_bearing" data. Also, the exif data is worth coparing, first one - GPS Img Direction 0, while the second - GPS Img Direction 84.


#1 Updated by MaTzaWit over 3 years ago

Correction: neither of the two images above contain "gps_bearing" data. This one has it but the bearing value on dashboard is also negative https://j3m.info/submission/a55cfbff2f7074356a46b02ec2a2042b/

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