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fix short and long tap products in chat window

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I have basically replaced my SMS use with ChatSecure now, which means I use it every day all day. This is great, because it means I have gotten at least one other person to adopt ChatSecure :)

A lot of the time the message I just sent will have a little "x" on it instead of the checkmark, which I assume means it did not send, so I resend it by copy and paste (there are other times I need to copy text too, sometimes someone will send me a funny story etc. that I want to paste into a text file later).

The thing is, short press works way better than long press in practice. Its just easier and quicker. And it is very annoying that the verify fingerprint screen comes up with such immediacy and ease and the copy text action has to be struggled to get to. I do not need to verify fingerprints that often, and when I do, I don't need it at such an immediate (and IMHO not all that intuitive) place.

I don't even know why the verify fingerprint popup appears when I tap on messages. It even appears when I tap on my own messages, which is absurd.

My suggestion would be to eliminate the fingerprint verification screen from the chat tap screen area alltogether and relocate it to a button next to the lock at the top, or maybe down to the settings menu along with "end chat" and "settings".

No matter what though, please make copy text easier and more immediate to get to!


#1 Updated by Hermann- about 3 years ago

I agree, the verify fingerprint should not be with a single tap on the chat window. IMO it should be a menu item (or at least a long tap) and short tap should be the copy function.

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