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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 17:57:31 +0100
From: Michael Rogers <>
To: Hans-Christoph Steiner <>,

Subject: Re: [guardian-dev] We want your feedback on Courier
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Some quick feedback from trying the latest nightly build:

  • When testing the panic feature, I didn't realise I had to press in
    the middle of the radiation symbol to swipe down - I was trying to
    swipe on the arrows and it didn't work.
  • The visual design is really, really nice!
  • I didn't realise I was supposed to scroll to the bottom of the About
    screen and hit a button to get started - I pulled down the menu
    instead and tried to add a feed. All the URLs I tried failed to load
    because I hadn't connected to Tor yet, but the reason wasn't explained.
  • Courier asks if I want to install Orbot via Google Play, but it
    launches F-Droid instead (which is good, but it should say F-Droid).
  • After installing Orbot it's not clear how to switch back to Courier
    - - if I use recents to switch back to Courier, there are two F-Droid
    activities on the back stack and I have to use the back button to get
    back to a Courier activity.
  • Back in Courier, I'm connected to Tor and I pull down to sync the
    news - the sync icon spins for a long time. Is it doing anything? Was
    I supposed to add a feed first? I go to Manage Feeds and some feeds
    have appeared. I come back, and some articles have appeared. I was
    just impatient.
  • It looks like I can only read article summaries - if I click 'Read
    full article' if offers to use Firefox or the Android browser. Should
    I also install Orweb?
  • If I click on the feed name above an article, the view is filtered
    to show articles from that feed. How do I get back to the full view?
    The back button takes me out of the app. (Oh, OK, I have to use the
    navigation drawer.)
  • If I'm viewing all feeds and I choose Share Feed Via Messaging, all
    my feeds are pasted into a message. I expected to be able to choose a
    feed to share.
  • I don't understand what Share Feed Via Courier is meant to do - it
    opens the Manage Feeds activity.
  • Share Feed Via Orbot reopens Orbot's setup wizard...
  • When I tap the notification icon to lock the app, the unlock screen
    is shown. At first I thought it was asking for my passphrase in order
    to lock the app.

This is a really cool app - I hope the nitpicks above will be taken in
the spirit of constructive criticism in which they're intended!


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