Bug #3413

Orweb asks for starting of Orbot when Orbot has already started, causes jam

Added by Anonymous over 3 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:05/25/2014
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Target version:Backlog
Component:squishy bits


"Orbot doesn't appear to be running. Would you like to start it up and connect to Tor?"

It was running, actually, and had been for some time. The thing was, WiFi had been spotty and the WiFi wasn't connected.

Touching "yes" at Orweb's prompt brings you "back" to Orbot but really what you get is a black screen for a few minutes while something in there is all confused.

Is it starting another Orbot over a previously running instance? Is that even how Android works? Idk. It's messed up and stuff.

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