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orbot 14.0.0-BETA-3 going sideways on Samsung GS4, Android 4.4.2, WiFi enabled

Added by Anonymous over 3 years ago.

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orbot 14.0.0-BETA-3 has gone back to hanging Android 4.4.2 on unrooted Samsung Galaxy S4 with WiFi enabled.

This time, the hangs seem to be softer, in that they sometimes allow a Restart menu selection from a normal power button press, rather than always requiring a long power button press to force a disorderly shutdown.

Also, with WiFi enabled, BETA-3 only allows one trip to Settings | WiFi in Android 4.4.2. Any second or subsequent attempt to access the Settings menu results in Android soft hangs or minutes long waits for a sluggish Settings menu to appear.

14.0.0-BETA-3 also claims to aready be installed, when installing over a pre-existing 14.0.0-BETA-2a.

It would be nice if orbot ALPHAs and BETAa supported downgrading to a previous verion without first requiring a full orbot uninstall. I always restart Android after upgrading/downgrading orbot.

I thought the devs were finally onto something with BETA-2a, but BETA-3 seems to have gone sideways.

Presently rolled back to orbot 14.0.0-BETA-2a. Still can't use Android for long if/when orbot and WiFi are enabled.

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