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can't end chat

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Target version:v14.2 bug fix update!
Component:UI/accounts (?)


When using ChatSecure with multiple jabber accounts on a Driod OG, if a chat is left open when an account logs off, when logging into a different account the chat from the previous account is still open. That chat is unusable, but it cannot be closed via "End Chat".

Perhaps one should have the foresight to end all chats before logging out of an account, but realistically it doesn't always happen, and it would be nicer if those chats closed/ended automatically when the account they were initiated from is logged off. It is very frustrating (and a little confusing) when there is a chat window open from a previous session that can't be closed, just sitting there cluttering things up.

A median might be to introduce a popup "You still have chats open, you won't be able to use them once you log out. Close all open chats?" when you log out of an account.

It seems kind of obvious though that useless chats being closed is more intuitive than leaving them open for when the relevant account is logged back into.


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