Bug #2947

Google Play Store connects even when Orbot is not running (and set as proxy for everything on the system)

Added by Anonymous almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Target version:v14 - April Anons


Lately Orbot hasn't been starting up when the system boots, which I don't really mind since I just start it manually. I'm pretty sure it isn't running, it isn't listed in the running process list.

Anyway, the other day I absentmindedly opened the Play Store immediately on boot, forgetting to open Orbot first; as I was downloading almost a megabyte I remembered I had forgotten to start Orbot. I went and checked running processes and it was not running. I then started Orbot.

All this time, the Play Store was downloading the app. Somehow Orbot doesn't seem to be working as the proxy it claims to be, at least with the Play Store.

Pretty upsetting.


#1 Updated by n8fr8 almost 4 years ago

Orbot will only route apps through it if it is running. If it is not running, traffic will flow as normal.

As for why it is not starting on boot, I am not sure.

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