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UI Bugs / Improvemnets

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Target version:InformaCam - APP Public Beta v2


Based on v. 0.1.34 (34)

1. Orbot UI
If I'm not connected, it keeps interrupting me to ask if want to start Orbot. We need a better way to introduce Orbot, and allow people to connect at any time. Also, right now, there's no concept within the app on whether I'm connected to Orbot or not.

2. Sharing to eyeWitness Observatory
You must be connected to Tor (Orbot must be running) to share media with the eyeWitness Observatory.

I tried to share when not connected to Orbot; the app acted like it was sharing, but it actually did not share. As a normal user, I had no way of knowing that it did NOT share, or that I needed to be connected to Tor for it to share.

3. Language in settings about what to do with the original images and video.

Here's an example of the information we need to provide—

What would you like to do with the original photos and videos captured with eyeWitness? (The original is the media before the metadata is embedded.)

- Save in your phone's gallery
- Saved only in the eyeWitness app

Note: If you use another app to share an image or video, it will be exposed non-securely in a public folder on your phone.

4. Sharing non-securely
Users need to be made aware that if they share using an app outside of eyeWitness, that the photo/video will be exposed in a public non-secure, folder on their phone.

We can do this in preferences, but we may also need to do some education on the share screen itself.

5. Share options don't make a lot of sense
- Share media
- Share metadata (What is the metadata?)
- Share IDs (What ids? Why would I only want to share these?)

We could use different icons to help make this more clear. We may want to explain these different options either in documentation, or on the share screen itself.

6. Preferences renamed to Settings
Settings is now in this menu, which is preferences. We need to change the title of the preference page.

7. Action Bar Overflow

Android Documentation of Action Overflow: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/actionbar.html

We need to use the action bar overflow icon (3 dots), rather than the lock/unlock icon to provide a menu of more options.

8. Introduce the Panic action in setup
Note: If panic is in the overflow menu, the overlay design in this ticket needs to be adjusted.

9. Display of the tag info in 'View' mode
This is in the original design, but has not been implemented.
<link to ticket>

10. Encryption message in gallery
The gray background color needs to be here. It should be the same try as the audio background.

In the message—"Your media is being imported and encrypted"—what do you mean by imported? I assume it's being imported into the app. However, it seems odd to point that out since I took it from the app. Is there a better way to say that?

11. Link to the web j3m view within the app
Right now, there's a link to the eyeWitness web view in the android notifications after you've shared. This is good; but you only get one chance to be linked to it. We could include this in the j3m info screen.

12. Overlay on camera
Similar to what we've done in Just Pay, we can design our own overlay of the Android camera so that it's clear how to get back to the app.


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Hey Nathan, I don't know why I assigned this to me, but I think this feedback is most useful for you to have. It may be a little outdated, so do with it as you will. Thanks!

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