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Data leaks in transparent proxy!

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Hello, I have the Orbot latest beta, and transparent proxying appears to work most of the time. However, often it fails to properly route app traffic, which instead goes through my home network despite TOR being shown active/ connected. I am running android 4.2.2 and I have been testing the feature using the native browser and whatismyip. I really just want to use Orbot with K9 mail. I notice the issue when connecting and disconnecting from WiFi and when the phone goes in and out of sleep mode. The TOR app icon remains in the status bar, the TOR android guy shows green, but Orweb then shows an internal privoxy error, and the native browser routes (without giving me any indication) through my home network. K9 mail automatically fetches, so there will be no way to control the leaks. Is there a way I can either fix the leaks or firewall K9 mail to only work through TOR, similar to Orbot? Or is this an issue for developers?


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What version of orbot are you using ?
Rerouting should not normally take place, I have checked
with the latest version of orbot Tor ; K9 detects no network.

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