Bug #1308

debug TLS memory allocation error

Added by lee over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:FeedbackStart date:05/16/2013
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Target version:OSTel Operations


The TLS modules has a memory allocation failure when I enable the domain module and it loads the hash table.




#1 Updated by lee over 4 years ago

"This module includes several workarounds for various Openssl bugs (like compression and Kerberos using the wrong memory allocations functions, low memory problems a.s.o). On startup it will try to enable the needed workarounds based on the openssl library version. Each time a known problem is detected and a workaround is enabled, a message will be logged. In general it is recommended to compile this module on the same machine or a similar machine to where ser will be run or to link it statically with libssl. For example if on the compile machine openssl does not have the kerberos support enabled, but on the target machine a kerberos enabled openssl library is installed, ser cannot apply the needed workarounds and will refuse to start. The same thing will happen if the openssl versions are too different (to force ser startup anyway, see the tls_force_run module parameter)."


#2 Updated by lee over 4 years ago

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Looks like it's not about memory at all but a conflict between the postgresql module and the tls module. Weeeeeee. Going to compile from source with openssl statically linked.

#3 Updated by lee over 4 years ago

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Turns out recompiling wasn't necessary. Upgraded Kam to 4.0 by compiling from source. After a small database migration, everything works well.

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