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Email confirmation from signup?

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I have not received an email welcome/confirmation message after signing up for OStel.co.

I know we don't require an email, but it might be nice to get a "Welcome" message.


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We decided to disable the email confirmation. This can be a feature but since an email address is optional I think a welcome email would be better.

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passing to Nathan to register ostel.co with Mayfirst.

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Details on registration for mayfirst.org

and further information regarding specific ISPs

Overall, it seems that they are not whitelisted on most of the ISPs that we're concerned with. I'm not sure the impact that this will have on foreign users in particular and anyone that is not on gmail. Though even gmail is not whitelisted, so our messages are possibly going to end up as 'spam'.

Its a good sign that many groups using Civicrm use bulk.mayfirst.org to send email, but I can't get any specific details on number of emails per hour. It appears from here that it might max out at either 250 or 50 emails per hour https://support.mayfirst.org/ticket/7080

If we proceed with this instead of sendgrid or mandrill we'll have to monitor it closely.

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The system is now configured to send email but since I disabled account confirmation (a user can start using the system right away) I'll have to massage the Devise confirmable module to send an email even though the account is already "confirmed". I think this is possible with the :allow_unconfirmed_access_for <days> option.


Though this might create a problem since the user will eventually have to click on the confirmation link to eliminate the timeout.

The alternative is to bypass the Devise confirmation module and send an email after account creation. I think I can create an after_create callback in the user model that will simply fire off an email.

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It looks like the ActionMailer class is the way to go since it gets all the devise stuff out of the way.


It's slightly more involved than I expected though. Probably because the notification system is asynchronous. I'll pick this up first thing. I've already got a few support emails asking "where is the confirmation email". We are too permissive!

Changing the assignee to me.

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#8 Updated by ex1st over 4 years ago

At the same time as the user lands on the "welcome to ostel page" they should receive an email that is basically a one-to-one version of the page.

It needs to outline the username. password. server. setup instructions. download the app instructions.

No user confirmation is necessary.

The email is set up using mayfirst.org and will be used initially to send new users this info.

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implementing this now. it'll be easy with the guide.

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dishes are done dude.

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